Jay Lethal On Importance Of ROH TV Title, Potentially Joining Bullet Club

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Justin Barrasso: The Ring of Honor title has been worn by worldwide stars like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens. You have taken that lineage and placed an even brighter spotlight on the ROH world title, wrestling matches and cutting promos that represent the company in an extremely dignified and professional manner. How much pride do you take in wearing the ROH title?

“I take a lot of pride in being the Ring of Honor world champion, and I have a lot of pride in being a part of Ring of Honor, but I don’t know that I’d say I’m doing a better job than those guys did. They’re pioneers. I still look up to guys like Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson. I still don’t feel that I have topped anything they have done. One thing I do have at my disposal is that Ring of Honor is much bigger than when they were here, and that’s due to their contributions and the notoriety they brought to the company.

The company is much healthier and bigger and better than it was when they were here, but I would never say I am better than they are. I do have a tremendous amount of pride for the company that had so much trust in me to make me the face of the company in and out of the ring—not just once, but twice. I still feel that I’m the face of the company whether or not I don the world title across my shoulder or around my waist.”

JB: Any plans down the line to ever join Bullet Club?

“If I have my way, no. But who knows what different opportunities will present themselves, but if I have my way, I would say no. I love the fact that there is always that person to rival and go against them. I love that stand, and I want to be the one standing against them. Every time you’re going against those guys, whether it’s the Bucks or Cody or any of them, it’s always something special. If I have my way, I want to go against them.”

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