Joe Koff On How SBG Viewed All In Event, Will Ospreay’s Limited Role

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff spoke with Paste Magazine to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Will Ospreay’s limited role in the company:

“He was originally signed with Ring of Honor in conjunction with New Japan,” Koff said of Ospreay. “But the travel got to Will so he asked if he could work specific and selective dates, which we accommodated.”

How the All In show was received by Sinclair Broadcast Group officials:

“I don’t think one show would ever have that kind of impact,” he said. “I think that one show, and certainly the Madison Square Garden sell out [for a show in April 2019] even more, showed the capability and just where we are in the short period of time that we’ve owned it. There’s a lot of validation inside of a company when good things happen. It’d be on different than buying a new syndicated show and all of a sudden it’s the number one show in the market. But they bought 20 other shows that aren’t.

“We put the same disciplines and the same foundational logic to every event. This one was just special because there was a specialness to it. And I’m really talking about both. All In was an unbelievable success not because of Ring of Honor; if there was any success attributable to Ring of Honor, it’s just that these were wrestlers contracted to us, and we saw the potential of this event and how important it is for the industry, for them, for what they were trying to put forth, and we were very supportive of that. That’s very indicative and very much a part of who we are.”

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