Nick Aldis Reflects On His Bicep Tear In 2015

Nick Aldis spoke about Busted Open Radio (via Wrestling Inc) the bicep tear he suffered in November 2015 and more. Here are highlights.

Current position as NWA champion: “Part of the reason I’m sitting here now in this position is because I had to take a moment where I said, ‘you’ve either got to get out of this business, or you’ve got to slap yourself around a bit and hold yourself accountable.’

His bicep tear: “I tore my bicep at the end of 2015 and that was a really rough surgery and a really rough recovery and stuff like that. Obviously, I have always held a lot of my personal value in my physique and my fitness and stuff like that and there are pictures of me where I just look like death, I look horrible. I came back too soon because I had a kid to feed. I just looked at myself like, ‘what are you doing? I had no imagination, no ideas, I felt like my body of work because of Impact and TNA and the ill-will that they had earned themselves — which was completely out of my control — I felt like my body of work had been somewhat forgotten. Like the fact that I submitted Sting on a pay-per-view. I mean I’ve beat Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, AJ Style, Bobby Roode — all these guys that have had all this success. I went, ‘what’s going on here?’ I felt like I’d been pushed to the side and I have, so what? Who cares? Tomorrow’s another day.”

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