The Young Bucks Discuss CM Punk Possibly Working Their All In Show

The Young Bucks spoke to the Sporting News about various topics. Here are the highlights.

CM Punk possibly working their All In Event

Matt Jackson: “I will say this: I text message Punk on a weekly basis. We’re good friends. We talk wrestling. He still loves wrestling, of course he does. We’re pro wrestlers. That’s what we do. Even when you quit or retire or whatever, it’s still in your blood.”

Nick Jackson: “Hell yeah I would like those guys [Punk and Daniel Bryan]. Those names would be icing on the cake. … But I don’t think we need them to get to 10,000. With the card we have in mind, I think that should do it.”

If Being the Elite will continue after doing 100 episodes

Nick Jackson: “I think it’s poetic if we did end it at 100 episodes, but everyone else says we shouldn’t.”

Matt Jackson: “We’re like, ‘Man, 100 episodes, we can end it when it’s the hottest.’ It almost feels like we should end it. It’s kind of undecided, but I feel like we’d be crazy not to bring it back at some point. It’s become such a popular tool for us now.”

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